Apply the Five Whys method to
[problem or issue] to uncover the
root cause and identify potential
Similar Prompts
Analyze [problem or idea] using the Six Thinking Hats framework
(White, Red, Black, Yellow, Green, and Blue) to explore different
aspects and perspectives.

Challenge assumptions to break conventional thinking

conventional thinking
novel solutions
List common assumptions about [problem or industry] and suggest ways to challenge or break them to create novel solutions.

Use brainstorming prompts for idea generation

brainstorming prompts
idea generation
creative thinking
Provide a list of brainstorming prompts or questions related to [topic or problem] to stimulate creative thinking and generate a diverse range of ideas.

Use mind mapping for visual exploration

mind mapping
visual exploration
Create a mind map for [topic or problem] to visually represent ideas, concepts, and connections,

helping me identify new insights and opportunities.