PromptReaper Integrates Mistral-7B and Airoboros

At PromptReaper, our mission has always been clear: to provide our users with state-of-the-art AI solutions that elevate their experience to new horizons. In line with this commitment, we're elated to share some significant advancements.

Llama 2 Model via DeepInfra Integration

Our integration with DeepInfra's API has opened up exciting avenues for our user base. By integrating the Llama 2 model into PromptReaper, we've ensured that our users have access to top-tier AI capabilities. This decision was particularly strategic given Llama 2's robust performance and its cost-effectiveness—coming in at half the price of OpenAI's GPT-3.5-Turbo.

Introducing Mistral-7B and Airoboros

Building on this momentum, we've swiftly added Mistral-7B and Airoboros models into our platform. This enhancement closely followed the introduction of their per-token pricing, showcasing our commitment to rapid and responsive innovation.

So, what's the buzz around Mistral-7B?

For starters, Mistral-7B is a 7.3B parameter model that has, impressively, managed to outperform models much larger than itself. Notably:

  • It surpasses Llama 2 13B on all benchmarks.
  • It's on par with, and even exceeds, Llama 1 34B on numerous benchmarks.
  • It closely matches CodeLlama 7B's performance in coding tasks while still excelling at English-related tasks.

The model boasts the Grouped-query attention (GQA) for faster inference and uses the Sliding Window Attention (SWA) mechanism to adeptly handle longer sequences without escalating costs. These features, especially when combined with a price point that's just 1/10 of ChatGPT, make it an invaluable addition to our platform.

Performance Insights and Future Outlook

Our in-depth internal assessments, using prompt templates from our open collection, further cement Mistral-7B's exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness.

Our journey is fuelled by a relentless drive for innovation. We're dedicated to ensuring that PromptReaper remains at the forefront of the AI landscape, adapting and evolving with every technological leap.